The Macbeth Dialogues

Angus Macbeth


The Environmental Law Institute (ELI) is seeking generous contributions for:


A program undertaken in partnership with the Environmental Council of the States (ECOS) and with the support of the American College of Environmental Lawyers and the Macbeth Family that seeks to foster environmental progress through solutions-oriented convening on: 

The State-Federal Relationship and Cooperative Federalism 

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This dialogue seeks to bring together leading experts from both the federal and state government, along with other key stakeholders, to discuss the state-federal relationship in the environmental sphere as it exists today and identify law and policy solutions for optimizing the configuration of governmental roles going forward.  The specific activities to be undertaken will range from convening dialogues, to preparing written reports, and more, consistent with the level of financial support received.  With proposals under consideration at the White House for dramatically reframing the role of the federal government in the environmental arena, such a discussion could not be more timely or needed. 


The Legacy of Angus Macbeth

Angus C. Macbeth was one of the great leaders and thinkers in environmental law, a former president of the American College of Environmental Lawyers, and a long-time supporter of the Environmental Law Institute.  As Angus played no small role in the construction of the system of environmental protection as it exists today, and was also relentlessly committed to the pursuit of new ways to deliver environmental quality, this dialogue series – The Macbeth Dialogues – will be undertaken in his honor and memory.         


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